Who are we ?


ARVEA is the first Arab and Tunisian Direct Selling Brand. ARVEA gives a source of income to tens of thousands of people who earn money with the sale of ARVEA products and the animation of the sales teams.

ARVEA OFFERS its customers around a hundred products in the following ranges: Natural Cosmetics – Make-up – Perfumes and Food supplements.

The first Added Value that ARVEA offers is the choice of products that meet real market needs, since all products are the result of our listening to the market.

The second Added Value is the High Quality of the products offered and the clear differentiation of our products (Investing in High Quality is a strategic choice at ARVEA which guides any decision concerning the choice of ingredients, the percentage of ingredients and the choice of packaging). The Product is the basis of a brand's success and ARVEA has been committed to high quality from the start.

ARVEA's direct Customers are sales advisers (independent distributors) whose mission is to distribute and publicize the brand through reductions on their sales and incentive bonuses for their teams.

ARVEA has a meaning AR is Argan and VEA is Aloe vera and therefore already from the name the brand announces its commitment to quality by choosing the combination of two natural ingredients most recognized in the world. Apart from this association, ARVEA makes the promise of a noble product and the quantities of ingredients are always significant, for example a minimum of 26% aloe vera in our products.

ARVEA in collaboration with Laboratories in Tunisia, Italy, Germany, Spain, Japan and soon other countries is always looking for innovation and added value in its products.